Dr. Colleen Toth

Dr. Colleen is a small-town Canadian who for her whole life has had a passion for health, wellness, human movement and sports. She actively participated in hockey, volleyball, golf and soccer growing up. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Honours Health Studies at the University of Waterloo where she also worked at multiple health centers and pharmacies. Witnessing the side effects related to polypharmacy led Dr. Colleen to pursue a career in holistic medicine.

She then moved to Portland, Oregon to complete her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the University of Western States. While she was there she was on the Executive Board of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA), was Vice-President of the Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA), and was an active member of many clubs including Motion Palpation Institute and Rehab 2 Performance. Dr. Colleen has Part A and B certifications with the McKenzie institute.

In Dr. Colleen’s free time she loves to snowboard, read, exercise, run, hike and camp. She is looking forward to getting to know you more and help elevate your health to new heights!

Dr. Shelby

Dr. Shelby grew up in Ankeny, Iowa, once a small suburb of the capital Des Moines. She grew up playing outdoors, spending weekends at the motocross track with her brother Luke and made expeditions to ski Winter Park with her family annually as well as spending significant time outdoors fishing, camping, and enjoying road trips to see the wonders of the great outdoors. She started participating in sports and outdoor recreation at a very young age and never stopped.
She started seeing a Chiropractor around the age of 10 when some inborn anomalies began creating some barriers to physical activity. It was her Chiropractor who educated her, empowered her, and aligned her for future success in many physical endeavors. She participated in almost every sport, but found strong passions for snowboarding, weight lifting, volleyball, and track.

She attended Grand View University and Iowa State University studying Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. She had long considered a career in medicine, but following a motorcycle accident and a weight lifting accident, she became deeply aligned with the mantra “movement is medicine” and reflecting on her life to that point she understood that her Chiropractor single-handedly had the greatest impact on her overall health and wellness and overcoming injury and adversity. She also came to understand how physical and mental wellbeing are intricately related. She felt a deep calling to give back professionally through Chiropractic which gave her so much life and movement to her years.

In college and beyond she became a 4 time top-5 all-natural bodybuilding competitor, a personal trainer, began mountain biking, and most recently, began learning the game of golf.

Dr. Shelby attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida where she participated in many sports focused clubs and events. After completing her education she practiced in a variety of clinics including personal injury, sports medicine, and even pre- and post-operative rehab in a multidisciplinary clinic in Washington state. In 2022, she had the opportunity to follow a long time dream of living in the mountains of Colorado.

Dr. Shelby’s goal is to help you maximize your physical and mental wellbeing by meeting each individual where they are at and creating a holistic and individualized plan to elevate you to your next level of health.
Her hands-on techniques include diversified, drop table, activator, soft tissue work, cupping, home exercise/rehab, nutrition, RockTape (kinesiotaping) and more!

In her free time you can find her snowboarding (yes, 20 years later she is still in love with it), camping, mountain biking, golfing, and usually dog sitting.

Health is wealth and movement is medicine. Let’s get going! Your next elevation begins HERE when you book an appointment today. Dr. Shelby can’t wait to meet you!

Kati Patino

My wild journey into yoga and therapeutic techniques … In my early years of “yoga”. I found the practice simply as a work out, that happened to spark an internal fire. As life shifted drastically over the years, Yoga and holistic therapies continued to find me. When I would turn away from the practice, some way, yoga would simply fall into my path, again and again. It wasn’t until a life altering accident, that I truly chose the holistic lifestyle to be my guide through this life.

Years ago, the call for something more inspired me to hit the road to nowhere… I didn’t have a plan or a thought of what may transpire, I simply trusted the process along the way. Over the years of this wild adventure, I traveled the beautiful Americas from North to south, working within the yoga destination industry. During this time of wonder, I was able to learn from native and modern practices, traditions, and lifestyles. Diving deeply into the holistic lifestyle and learning the depths of the mystics through immersive trainings. The saying … “you just wake up one day” was a very real experience, as I sat under the budding trees of the islands. In those moments of realization I found that my life had an “accidental” complete reset. The grand rising opened countless doors of growth and connection to the vast EARTH we walk upon.

I am still amazed and beyond grateful everyday, for the lifestyle and practices of Yoga, FRC, Tension release, energetic understanding and meditation practices. These ancient teachings have enhanced my life over and over again. The art of intentional movement has rejuvenated my body and healed injuries and illnesses, I once thought were impossible to overcome. I am eternally grateful for all the lessons along the way and the vast studies I was gifted from the most incredible teachers, mentors, and friends from all over the world.

As I have grown into my practice as a practitioner and observer, I have been granted the opportunity to flourish as a teacher and provider. I strive to create an experience that embodies all that we are as human. Curating sessions that enhance the depths of energy, through movement, breath and organic expression. Each session is held with sacred intention, a sense of playfulness through exploration, compassionate understanding and loving respect.



Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m the newest member at Elevated Wellness Chiropractic. I come with a background in Office Management and Human Resources and cannot wait to apply my skills to the office and make things a lot easier for you, the client and the doctor! Looking forward to meeting all patients.