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To popular belief, many people think the “POP’ noise is your bones rubbing together, or cracking/chipping off each other. We can confidently say that is NOT the case. It is simply a change in pressure between your joints that are being mobilized. Similar to cracking your knuckles, the joints in your body are synovial joints which have the ability to compress and move, the force from an adjustment can create a negative pressure within the joints resulting in that “POP” noise that patients may or may not experience. This “POP” is referred to as a cavitation.

If a patient is not comfortable with the “POP” noise, we can use special adjusting instruments that provide the same force and benefits of an adjustment but WITHOUT the noise! There are also gentle mobilizations, soft tissue therapy or exercises that can be applied to a patient that can provide similar benefits.

As YOUR chiropractor, we aim to help you in the desired way that suits YOU. We have many options on YOUR journey to elevate your health.

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